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Alumnos con Evaluaciones Suspensas

Si has suspendido una evaluación puedes no tener que hacer el examen extraordinario. Mira abajo en cada evaluación lo que hay que hacer.

Si has suspendido dos o tres evaluaciones tienes que hacer los trabajos que vienen abajo en cada evaluación y el examen extraordinario. Ponte en contacto conmigo lo antes posible. Mira a abajo mi correos.

El examen se hará en el Aula Virtual del instituto. En caso de ser pocos alumnos será un examen oral.

Para poder acceder al Aula Virtual a hacer el examen, tienes que tener usuario y contraseña.

El usuario y la contraseña se os porporcionó a principio de curso. Si lo has perdido, se la tienes que volver a solicitar a Javier Prieto, secretario y profesor de música.

Es vuestra responsabilidad tener usuario y contrase˜a. No se solventarán problemas de usuario y contraseña después del viernes 19 de junio.

Alumnos con la Tercera Evaluación Suspensa

Para aprobar sólo hay que hacer BIEN todos los trabajos de la tercera evaluación. Deadline: June 21st

Estoy a vuestra disposición para solventar dudas. Me podéis escribir para pedirme el móvil si no lo tenéis.

Sólo contesto en estas direcciones:



Alumnos con la Segunda Evaluación Suspensa

Tenéis que hacer estos cuadernillo:

Alumnos con la Primera Evaluación Suspensa

Tenéis que hacer los siguientes cuadernillos:

Alumnos con la Asignatura Aprobada

You have passed, congratulations.

Activities for these last days:

Mobile apps with app inventor

App inventor is a powerful development environment for Google apps online.

Its main advantage: You do not need to install anything on your computer, nor to follow complex configuration instructions. Just register on the development portal and start creating your own apps.

Steps to start programming your own apps

  1. You have to register in the AppInventor web site

  2. You need an Android smartphone and a PC connected to the internet through the same Wi-Fi network.

  3. (Optional but highly recommended, as it makes things much easier). Install a QR code reader on your Smartphone. Since QR codes are used to install the apps.

  4. (Optional, but highly recommended, as it makes app testing much easier). Install the free MIT AI2 companion app on your smartphone.

  5. Go to the App Inventor page click on the create button in the upper right corner to register and create your first app.


This is an step to step guide to create your first app, the exercise for these last days link

After having done the app, you have to send it to me

Basic Points

  • Everyone should have their OWN mail. If someone does not have one, get in touch with me, so I can help you

  • I need to know who DOES NOT have:

    • An accesible computer to do homework

    • Your own mobile, in case you don't have a PC

    • Line with unlimited data

  • If you have a computer, you should load LibreOffice. Don't know how? get in touch with me

  • If you have a PC, you should do your homework with LibreOffice, unless otherwise indicated

  • I will speak with each person who does not have a PC to tell them how to do their homework

  • Homework should be mailed BEFORE last date. I will not take any work sent later than that day, unless previously written about it

  • Internet has the answer about nearly everything. Before asking, seek for an answer in the Internet

Homework - Updated: May 28th. I will add new things on top

While we are at home, as some students do not have a computer, we will not learn new things in IT. BUT... the ones that do have computer will use the things learned in previous months to do the homework.

We will divide the time between theory and Workshop

  • Theory

    We are beginning a new topic, The Computer

    I´ve dome a SUMMARY which will grow as weeks go by.

    • Our last homework

    • Read the summary, point 7 Deadline: June 5th

    • Do the third set of exercises, on page 18th, in a libreOffice writer document. On paper if you don´t have a PC. Deadline: June 5th

    • Read the summary, point 6 Deadline: May 25th

    • Do the second set of exercises, on page 13th, in a libreOffice writer document. On paper if you don´t have a PC. Deadline: May 25th

    • Read the summary up to point 4 Deadline: May 8th

    • Do a presentation, with LibreOffice Impress about the summary. If you don´t have a PC, do the presentation with cardboard, paper....Deadline: May 11th

      • Do your own template: choose background color and font color. Modify the style of title

      • At least one slide for each chapter. (At least one sheet for each chapter if you are doing it on paper)

      • Title of slide should be title of chapter.

      • INSERT images, do not copy them. User proper model of slide

      • Store the document as ApellidoNombrePC1.odt

      • Send it to me

    • Do the exercises, in a libreOffice writer document. On paper if you don´t have a PC.Deadline: May 18th

    IMPORTANT: You may exchange dates, give me first the exercises and afterwards the presentation


    We began electricity at the end of last term, we will continue with electricity

    I've done a short summary for you. This is what you have to do:

    • Read the summary. Deadline: April 21st

    • Do the exercises in the summary. Deadline: May 4th

    • Fill in this table. Deadline: April 21st

      MagnitudeSymbol of magnitudeUnitSymbol of UnitFormula

    You shlould do just ONE document, in libreOffice writer. First send it with table, afterwards, add summary:

    • Do a title with fontwork

    • Do a title for the table

    • Add the table

    • Modify styles of titles used

    • Store the document as ApellidoNombreElec3.odt

    • Send it to me

    • Do the summary:

      1. Add a title for each part

      2. Store the document as ApellidoNombreElec3.odt

      3. Send it to me

  • Workshop.

    The vehicle. Deadline: May, 18th, Monday

    We have done a building, now we will do a vehicle.

    Our vehicle will come back to where we are. This time, it will be a technological activity

    We will build our vehicle with recycled material

    Please watch this video: Los experimentos de Dani Jiménez from La Fundación Naturgy


    You are going to do the experiment described in the video, and modify the jar, bottle, or whatever you have used, to make it look like a vehicle

    The Castle. Deadline: May, 4th, Monday

    The activity we are going to do is, really, a pre-technological activity, but due to present situation, it's the best we can do.

    Castle with recycled objects

    You have to do a castle with recycled objects:

    • Empty rolls of hygiene paper, film, tin paper...

    • Empty briks

    • Empty plastic bottles

    • Old cardboard, used paper, old newspapes or magazines

    • Bottoms, bottle corks, bottle caps

    You may see some ideas around

    Castillo hecho con rollos de papel higiénico
    Castillo hecho con rollos de papel higiénico Castillo hecho con rollos de papel higiénico

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